“Scoria Roads holds your interest in several ways. Knapp weaves North Dakota geography and history lessons between a memoir of her early years and tributes to her deceased sister.” –Mary Fran Rybarik

“My name is Dawn Snyder. My Aunt Norma wrote the book Scoria Roads and I wanted to share with you my thoughts about her moving work.
First of all, let me say that the book was profoundly personal and dear to my heart. For you see, my mother was Evie, the sister Norma is writing to at the beginning of each chapter. I have a very intimate and deep connection to every word on every page. Each word, thought, tale and scenario matter to me because of my family connection to them. I was deeply moved because these accounts were about my mom and my family, that I adore.
I am thrilled that this publication was shared with me and in such a permanent way. Everyone wants to know about their family history and what a gift to receive such a treasured and exclusive version.
Something else that I cherish is my aunt’s talent. I also hung on to every word because it was so beautifully written. (I am an avid reader and can only read books that are well written.) This one I couldn’t put down. She kept my interest in both content and use of words, especially her use of description and detail. Her ability to communicate such a beautiful memoir is extraordinary. I think I read it in 5 hours, non-stop!
I am so grateful to my aunt for sharing her story and will forever hold these words close to my heart.” –Dawn Snyder, Charleston, WV

“Memories, songs, ND history, and letters from the heart. I truly
enjoyed looking back into this real family journey and the intricate
way this rich heritage was woven together to paint a complete picture.
What a treasure for future generations! Well done.” –Sue Lorentz, Bagley, MN

“This book written by Norma Knapp is SO much more than an recollection of a specific time and place in rural ND.  It truly captures and shares with the reader the culture of that period in the late 40’s and 50’s in a very Norwegian family living on the harsh plains of North Dakota.  I found myself stepping back to that time and place and I would cry, laugh, rejoice and be angry at times.  The author also weaves in the present day landscape of western ND, with the oil business and contrasts this with these earlier years by writing to her sister.  The love that is felt through these letters is heart filling.  The book is simple, yet complex.  And as I reflect on it, I realize the tremendous healing that must of also taken place for this author as she pours her memories, feelings, and forgiveness into these pages.  A well-written piece!” —Sue Connor, Scottsdale, AZ

“I enjoyed “Scoria Roads” immensely and will treasure it. I found the book refreshing with a mix of current events entwined with the strength of family roots, love, and endurance. Norma’s words are an inspiration! —Karen Tolifson, Alexandria, MN

“Norma used a wealth of descriptive adjectives to get her ideas across.  I could relate with many of the people and locations, since my childhood experiences were so similar, although Norma had a tougher financial situation.  I had no idea that those children struggled like that, and Norma had to be the parent that was usually absent.  I admire her for what she did for her siblings.” —Charleen L., Bismarck, ND

“Norma Knapp’s book Scoria Roads is a must read for everyone. You can’t put it down.  It is so well written and researched. Scoria Roads is a wealth of memories and a poignant account of what life held in store for a bright, young, single  mother of 7 children; trying to survive on her own in the 50’s in western North Dakota.  As her daughter, Norma shares her experience with us. The honesty with which she tells her story of the love, struggles and resilience  of her family will touch your heart. This same community where she grew up is now host to oil development.  Norma’s research on its  impact to the community and the region is well documented, as one looks at life then and now, in what was once a sleepy little town in western North Dakota. Norma’s writing captures the essence and the beauty of western North Dakota. What a generous spirit Norma has to share her gift of writing and her own personal  story with those of us lucky enough to get ahold of a copy of her book.  Thanks Norma, hopefully we will all be a little kinder for having read your book.” —Joan Allen, Bismarck, ND

“Scoria Road,  loved the book, I could hardly put it down.  Really enjoyed Norma’s letters to “Sissy” with the information on how North Dakota has changed.  The information on the Bakken Oil fields was very informative.   What a journey for Norma and her siblings.” –Sue Christofer, Mesa, AZ

“From the vivid initial paragraphs about the red rock called “scoria” which is precedent in western North Dakota to the loving final memories to “Dear Evie”, this book is a page turner. Norma tells the unbelievable story of her oddly dysfunctional family, with humor, acceptance and strength of spirit. How could the children grow up to be capable, educated, even outstanding human beings with such a start in life. Woven into the memories,is some N.D. History, information about the Bakken oil boom, small town life and the comfort and stability gained from their Norwegian, Christian grandparents. I highly recommend this book to family and friends.” — Eve Schultz, Bismarck, ND (typed by Charleen Laschkewitsch)

“I LOVED this book! It was so easy to get into it and so hard to put down. It was so well written and the illustrations were excellent! Having grown up in Dickinson, I was familiar with a lot of the places and houses Norma talks about in the book. The family certainly had some tough times growing up, but through it all seemed to persevere and make the best of it all. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a good read!” — Shirley Andrus, Dickinson, ND

“I recently had the pleasure of reading Scoria Roads by Norma Knapp. Having spent my “formative years” in Dickinson, North Dakota, it was enjoyable to read about the author’s experiences (although several years prior), while growing up in Dickinson as well. Scoria Roads is truly a narrative that demonstrates the strength that comes from a strong mother, a loving family, and a will to have dreams and to follow them. One can only share a feeling of pride for what the author has accomplished….in spite of the many roadblocks she encountered along the way. BRAVO and thank you for the memories!” — Tom Reiter, Woodbury, MN

“Norma Thorstad Knapp’s heart felt memoir rooted in Southwestern North Dakota, drilled to my core, just as big oil drilled down upon the values of our Great Plains. No one has better explained the economic and environmental dualism caused by the ‘Miracle of North Dakota’ than this author, while tenderly documenting the parallel struggles in her own life growing up in the heart land. My own coming of age, partly in the company of the Thorstad Family – caused me to reminisce in joy, in sadness, and hoping for good outcomes from the edge of my seat as I tore through each sentence of this major literary contribution.” Bill Mann, author – Paula Goes To The Pound – In Real Life – Big Time Lessons From Small Town Poker Players