Doing Different

December 5, 2020

Good morning! I’m excited this morning, and now I figured out what’s making the difference. There is something in my day I have to look forward to. Today I’m going to walk on a trail at a county park–a trail that’s new to me! Plus I invited someone different to walk with me.

This got me thinking about how something new, something different gives us something to look forward to. This can change our outlook on life and more.  Experts tell us that doing something new or different every day gets our neurons firing, lifts our mood, changes our perspective, keeps us healthier, etc. etc.

Here are some things I’ve been doing lately to make my life different and richer.

  • One afternoon I took my exercise to my backyard. With a folding chair and an old baton, I twirled and worked on rising from the chair without using my hands. I felt like my teenage self all over again!
  •  Writing Christmas letters to U.S. soldiers in Africa was high on my list. I thanked them for their commitment and wished them well this time of year.  It got me wondering what it must be like for young men and women to be far from home during the holidays.
  •  I wrote a hand-written letter to a relative in college. That took me back to those nursing days when my Aunt Marles wrote me weekly letters of encouragement and how life-changing her words were for me. Writing about my nursing days reminds me about the chapter in my book Scoria Roads about a death in the nursery that was life-changing for me and eventually led me to my present work. Check it out!
  • One morning I tried brushing my teeth with my opposite hand!  It was VERY uncomfortable, but I kept thinking of my doc, telling me to get those neurons firing! Believe me, that day they were sparking all over the place!
  • Walking backwards in my hallway was very interesting.  This reminded me of an exercise my physical therapist had me do after the Nebraska accident. It felt so good to do something different, instead of the same ol’ thing! Plus it gave me the giggles!  There’s almost nothing better than giggling at my age!
  • Last night I put my meat and veggies in the oven in a shallow baking pan.  Somewhere I’d heard that foods will take on better tastes and be crispier, much tastier.  That supper was scrumptious!
  • Calling a shut-in was on my list, and I did it! And she was absolutely thrilled to receive my call.
  • Dancing instead of walking one cold, cold weather day made me realize how I can exercise in my own home. Again, I felt like my teenage self, dancing to Golden Oldies on a television music channel.  I will definitely do this again!
  • My day was changed last week when I came across a basketful of sticky notes I’d saved from two of my nieces left in hidden places after their visit a year ago. I now have hung them in open places throughout my house to read every day, reminding myself that I am a good enough person who is loved. Write yourself some sticky notes and post them around your house.  Now when almost no one comes, it’s the best time for this.
  • Have yourself a better, wondrous, different day as you try something new or different this week!


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