Hello! My name is Norma.

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s exciting to be writing my very first blog!  I retired a few years ago and have been busy ever since! After college, I worked as a registered nurse, educator, crisis counselor, and bereavement facilitator in several different states.  Now in retirement I’ve written two books and am currently a volunteer in bereavement for my county’s hospice program.

During my childhood we moved often, giving me a rich foundation for writing. My first book Missing My Best Friend has now gone into second printing.  It is on the national website for bereavement and is also a collectible. It’s the perfect book for parents, grandparents, teachers, clergy–anyone who works with and/or cares about kids. My second book Scoria Roads takes you on a journey through 20 houses in my first 21 years and shows the contrast between the sweet, safe 1950s and early ’60s in western North Dakota and the chaos the oil boom  brought there in the early 2000s.

I’ve been blessed to have numerous poems, essays. and short stories published and have won a few awards.  My interests are many: the importance of resilience, grief, joy, nitsen, intention, gratitude, positivity, self care, writing, journaling, reading–to name a few, especially now during this pandemic. Check back with me as I figure out this blogging stuff……



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